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Interior Projects


Roosevelt Coffee

Irvine, California

5,000 SF Coffee Shop and Roaster

Roosevelt Coffee is a new cafe looking to set itself apart from others.  The Danish inspired design aesthetics provides a space that is full of natural light and is an open space for the community around it.


Gracie Barra

Mission Viejo, California

12,000 SF Office and Warehouse

Gracie Barra recently moved and headquartered in a new building to create an interior to align with their brand image.  With a new larger space, their creative studio and distribution hub will be actively servicing their brand.


399 Kitchen

Irvine, California

2,100 SF Restaurant Interior

399 Kitchen is a modern Vietnamese Eatery developing traditional inspired dishes to authentic flavors that everyone expects.  The space comfortable and is accented by the colorful artistic photographs.



Tustin, California

8,000 SF Restaurant Venue

Chang'an is an upscale Chinese restaurant specializing in roast duck.  The design is a translation of traditional Chinese cultural building methods and decor.


8801 Research

Irvine, California

6,000 SF Office Interior

8801 Research was designed to be a gallery space to showcase the client's vast art collection and also function as the clients central office. 


Honey & Butter

Irvine, California

1,500 SF Retail Bakery Interior

Honey & Butter in centrally located in the Irvine Spectrum and has become a premier destination bakery serving delightful unique macarons.  The whimsical space is characterized by its products. 


SDK Atelier

Irvine, California

6,000 SF Office Interior

SDK Atelier is one of the nations leading architectural offices providing service to large homebuilders.  The office was designed to articulate its modern presence within the industry.


Hello Kitty Cafe

Irvine, California

1,200 SF Retail Bakery Interior

Hello Kitty Grand Cafe is located in the Irvine Spectrum.  This is the brands first cafe in the US serving pastries, sweets, afternoon tea, and is host to an exclusive bar venue.  

Orgain_4872F12-2- AS.jpg


Irvine, California

20,000 SF Office / Warehouse Interior

Orgain is a nutritional supplement provider that holds itself to the highest standard in its industry.  The modern organic interior is an extension of Dr. Andrew Abraham's belief to a healthy workplace and lifestyle.


HKC Container

Irvine, California

180 SF Container Pop Up Cafe

The Hello Kitty Container is a mobile pop up cafe that can be transported anywhere in the world.  This 20-foot container is the ideal market research product prior to a brick and mortar commitment. 


9150 Irvine Center

Irvine, California

5,000 SF Office Interior

9150 Irvine Center Dr. is the home to mortgage lending company that has flourished in the location.  The interior space was designed to illustrate a minimalistic approach to an office design space.



Costa Mesa, California

6,000 SF Restaurant Venue

Descanso is one of the most creative approaches to serving regional Mexican food.  With its teppan tables replicating street taco stands, the space is lively and vibrant.



Irvine, California



La Vida Cantina

Costa Mesa, California



SEYI International

Irvine, California



Bassmnt SD

San Diego, California


Property of SOP5.jpg

9213 Research

Irvine, California


Photo Apr 12, 2 01 48 AM.jpg

Mill Creek

Laguna Niguel, California


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