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Conference Room

Welcome to the Conference Room.  Meet the talented associates who are responsible for the design and construction of our projects.  Click below to browse the bio's and let us know how we can help with a design and/or construction project.  Our team collaboratively together have more than 40 years of experience in the design and construction industry and continue to aspire to meet and exceed all expectations.

Our Beliefs + Approach

At King Kong Design + Construction we commit ourselves to creative solutions that methodically translate our clients vision and aspirations into their interior space.  We believe the interior design of a space is as much a shelter as the architecture itself.  Creative, appealing, sustainable, and inspiring interior environments influence awareness of a better live + work + play climate while complimenting our clients image and brand.  Our approach is to co-author a storyline with our clients as we take part to visualize, articulate, collaborate, and paint a vibrant canvas that is captivating and pronounced.  Talented local artist, craftsman, engineers, and contractors collectively navigate to achieve an interior space that defines our clients and is representative of King Kong Design + Construction.

"We encourage you to 'think outside the box' so that we can help redefine creative solutions for you" - King Kong Studio Inc.

Meet Our Team

Jimmy Funko.png
Hannah Funko.png

Hannah Laliberte
Project Manager

Matthew Lin
CAD Associate



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