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Alli Carlos

Alli Carlos is an interior designer who curates more than just spaces; Her goal is to create captivating interiors that have a story to leave lasting impressions and be the topic of discussion.  In 2017, Alli graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Philippines and moved a year later to the US to broaden her life and career experiences.  She started designing high profile residential projects in Orange County and recently transitioned to commercial interior projects.

Alli is a Senior Designer at King Kong Studio and oversees all design projects.  Since joining the team, she has designed a number of creative office spaces, tea shops, cafes, and retail/restaurant spaces.  Alli plans to progressively expand the King Kong Design team to attract additional creative individuals to co-author mundane interiors to interiors that can have an impact for many individuals.


When she is not working, Alli loves to go the beach, explore cute coffee shops, and be active with her dogs Leo and Loki.


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