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Phoebe Kim

Phoebe Kim is a UC Berkley graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.  She recently moved to Southern California from Northern California to continue developing her skills in Architecture and Interior Design.  Phoebe is involved with developing design ideas, selecting materials and finishes, and authoring construction documents for recent and current projects at King Kong Studio.  Through daily interactions with the clients and city agencies, she has played a key role to the design success of office and restaurant projects here at the studio.

Her interests include a broad range of design, from architecture and interiors to illustration and graphic design.  In her free time, Phoebe enjoys going out to see live music, whether it’s a big artist playing at a stadium or a jazz band playing at a nearby bar.  She also likes taking dance classes, reading, and sharing food experiences with friends.  Phoebe aspires to continue working in the creative field and to express her artistic talent in the design industry.


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